0 thoughts on “Which is better at providing computer technical support: Cats or Dogs?

  1. The cat in the first video has close to the same computer skills that I do (I’m a little bit better than that). Isn’t the girl in the second video the one who discovered the security flaw on Norm Coleman’s website? The third video: FTW!!!

  2. Yes, the girl is Adria Richards! of “But You’re a Girl” fame and the discoverer of Norm Coleman’s donor database. She’s one of ours here in the Twin Cities, we’re very proud.

  3. How long is that 2nd vid, anyway? Given how slowly the indicator bar was advancing, I wasn’t about to wait.

    Also, not sure that thing she has is a dog…

    Interesting how the dog in 3rd clip looked behind the laptop for the cat. IMO s/he wasn’t scared of a cat–just unnerved by the disembodied yowling. Smart dog!

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