0 thoughts on “People acting stupid with bison.

  1. Gee, when I saw the title on the web feed, I thought you’d written something about sloppy handling of reduce/reduce conflicts…

  2. Yea, most people think these are simple bovines and are not prepared for the territoriality of the prime bull of the herd. I was talking to a TR North National Park Ranger that made claims that the bulls can tell human males and females apart and think you as a male are going to take the cows away.

  3. Because the first instinct of any well adjusted individual in the face of a 10ft. high 2000lb mountain of angry meat should be to go make friends with it.

  4. Reminds me of an Angus bull named Paul that kept me treed in his pasture for almost six hours once.

    When I saw the guy in the first video creeping up on that bison, all I could think was “Watta maroon!”

  5. The last time I visited Yellowstone, we went through an area that was probably very close to the one in that video. And there were bison all over the place. Just ahead of us, a bison ambled by, and some lady jumped out of her car, camera in hand, not two feet away from the bison! Fortunately, the lady was apparenlty upwind of the bison, and bison don’t have the best forward eyesight in the world. So nothing happened, except the bison just kept ambling by. . . . Yikes!
    Anne G

  6. Moose are surprisingly good at appearing charming and non-threatening. They approach campsites in a peaceful manner. They use their antlers to hypnotize people into thinking they just want a snack. Not wanting to get too close, the the unwary camper stands as far away as possible, and reaches far out, leaning toward the moose, cookie in hand… Unexpectedly, the moose draws back a bit. The camper leans farther out compensate – oh, no, stop, too late, the camper leans too far out, and falls. This is just what the moose is waiting for. It promptly moves forward and steps on the camper’s head, which squishes like a pumpkin under a bulldozer. Mission accomplished, the moose walks contentedly away.

  7. This brings back memories of a visit to Yellowstone years ago – people would park their cars along the road and walk out into a field to get closer to the bison, in spite of the signs specifically saying not to get too close to the bison. There was also an area of small geysers and bubbling mudholes where signs specifically warned people not to leave a specific path because the ground over the hot water was pretty thin in places – so of course about 1/3 of the people walked right off the path, and some stood right next to the little boiling pools!

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