0 thoughts on “Fox News Attacks Rachel Maddow. Maddow Folds.

  1. Post-traumatic political stress disorder would imply that they were actually honest BEFORE they left office.

    Modern movement conservatism has no use for the truth. They don’t even have a fancy word for it like the left does “moral relativism” (did anyone ever really believe in that anyway?) They simply throw any batshit crazy smear they can at the wall and hope it sticks.

    Fortunately, at least for now it appears that the public is largely seeing through the Republican party and its fealty to these sleazeballs.

  2. This all ties back to the growing anti-science, vaccine, anti-global warming meme being pushed by those whose philosophy or belief is so weak in the arena of moral relativism it’s glaringly FAIL as all levels. So therefore attack anything that is proven by facts and rigorous scientific method and critiques. Sophists in the modern definition.

  3. I laughed hard when she said, “Joining us now is – Keith Olbermann.” A one-two punch.

    *sigh* The last decade was Hell on Earth.

  4. Re: accusations of a double standard from a Fox reporter.

    There isn’t a double standard, just a standard. Fox doesn’t meet it.

  5. Maddow is funny here but I think that there is an annoying element to this. It seems like she they are implying that because Bush engaged in worse behavior it somehow makes it ok. The relevant defense is much simpler and needs more emphasis: Of course the President is free to chose which news sources he meets with and which he doesn’t. Everyone does. The fact that the Bush admin was more extreme isn’t relevant to that argument. (Although I’d be inclined to argue that there were certain things the Bush administration did that were actively bad such as trying to make fake reporters but even then that doesn’t make Obama good just because Bush did really bad stuff).

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