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  1. I went through this same issue 30 years ago with my two kids. One son was in the 99% for height and 50% for weight, the other 50% for height and 25% for weight. Their doctor insisted that I take my two very healthy children to see a specialist because he thought they were they were too skinny. I was threatened with a social worker visit if I did not comply. I took them to the specialist and he looked at my sons and asked me why I was there. I gave him my argument that they were just two skinny kids. He asked me my height/weight (5’9″ 105lbs, the same as my sister and mother – I came from a skinny family) and their father (6’2″ 165 lbs–ditto for him). The doctor wrote a scathing note to the pediatrician for wasting his time. His summary was that “Skinny parents have skinny kids”. My kids were and are very healthy skinny adults!

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