0 thoughts on “Randall Munroe Interview

  1. What?! He doesn’t know the difference between Open Source and Free Software??? What a hack!

    I am never, ever going to hear the end of this, am I?

    Technically, there is one way to bring it to an end. 😉

  2. What’s the point of a tattoo that you don’t show to everyone? I assumed the whole idea of getting one on your bum or hoo-ha or what-have-you was it gave you a culturally neutral excuse to expose those bits to all comers. I suppose I am about to be told I am wrong about that, and why.

  3. I expect reports from the marked would be the more definitive. It is at least certain that it does offer a culturally neutral excuse to expose those bits, should one be seeking such an excuse, whether one chooses to exercise it or no.

    In the meantime, I was very disappointed not to hear more about Randall’s probably quite numerous fringe beliefs. He could have started with his visceral belief that deinonychosaurs remain extant and particularly interested in sampling his viscera. I suppose the venue made him reluctant to expose (there’s that word again) his predilections.

    I was not disappointed to hear about Randall getting an e-mail correction from RMS himself.

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