0 thoughts on “Baby Alex Can’t Have Health Insurance

  1. yeeeaahh…..

    definitely going home if this healthcare bill passes with mandates but without a public option. What a glorious clusterfuck this has turned out to be.

  2. @Jadehawk: Actually it’s kinda looking like we might get a public option. The insurance companies have more or less shot themselves in the foot at this point.
    Blatant extortion probably wasn’t a very good idea. Any Democrat that doesn’t have a field day with this didn’t want a public option in the first place.

  3. which is why I’m not packing my bags just yet, JThompson. but I’m just not nearly as confident about this turning out sensibly as I used to be.

  4. Glad they came to their senses and decided to “… change its policy for babies that are healthy but fat.”

    And as for insuring the unhealthy babies – they’re just not in that business.

  5. If the 95th percentile is the cutoff, then 5% of all babies are automatically uninsurable. I wonder if they will all have to pay a fine for not being covered?

    Me, I’ll have to pay the fine, since the $1500 they are talking about is still WAY cheaper than even hospitalization-only coverage. But I still won’t be covered.

    Five of the six members of my household have public insurance under three different plans. I am not eligible because I WORK. On what planet does that make sense?

  6. It’s the baby’s own fault for eating all those cheeseburgers, right? Honestly, I never thought fat-shaming could this low! Are big babies at a higher risk for health expenses anyway? I thought it was the little ones that we had to worry about.

  7. catgirl, he’s breastfed. Breastfed babies tend to be bigger (“fatter”) than formula fed babies. He’s also probably just a big baby all around. He’s not at a higher risk. And indeed, I’d say he’s probably healthier and at a lower risk for health issues because he IS breastfed and because he IS so fat and healthy.

    Also, fat babies are cuter. 😀

  8. I for one was dismayed by this baby. He’s HUGE. No. GINORMOUS!!! At 3 months? Now I’m worried about my (very) little guy…

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