0 thoughts on “Australia: Proof that there is no god

  1. The extinction of animal species in the present day proves that evolution is wrong. These animals are not surviving, they are dying at a rapid rate. No new species have emerged in the last six thousand years. All so called mutations have not advantaged there kind leaving us with the extinction of species.

  2. Ever heard about aids or swine flue?

    Same kind. Virus is a virus… unless that swine flu is half swine/half virus, and we all know that’s just absurd.

  3. Proof that there is no God.

    “God” as defined is held to be benevolent and responsible for the development of humans as they are. Mid-orgasm coughing fits are physically possible. QED.

  4. “The extinction of animal species in the present day proves that evolution is wrong.”
    Honestly, some people are as thick as two short planks. We’re lucky in Australia – although I’m sure we have just as many spectacularly stupid people as you do in the USA, here they seem to keep their appalling ignorance to themselves and we rarely have to cope with their inane opinions.

    For Joseph Davy’s benefit:
    In 1905, Hugo De Vries documented a mutation of Oenothera lamarckiana which he named Oenothera gigas.

    And a Nereis speciation is described here:

    This is a tiny fraction of the facts you will need to acquire *before* advancing any more of your fact-free opinions.

  5. I could not pick up from this who was the author of the video.

    The voice closely resembles the dulcet tones of that professional gadfly John Safran, however.

    No monotremes? – what is the spiny anteater then?

    As others have said, new species *have* emerged in recent times. Anyway, expecting large numbers of new species during a tiny sliver of geological time is like saying of a sequoia:
    “That’s weird. In recent years this tree has grown no new branches, only twigs and leaves.”

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