0 thoughts on “3D scanning and printing

  1. The scanner is a neat idea, but has a ton of disadvantages (like no undercut, meniscus error, the part gets soppy milk all over it, etc). It is cheap though, so surely someone’s got a use.

    The “DIY SLA” thing just isn’t there yet. DIY CNC maching, sure, in fact I’ve got a 12x12x6 steel frame machine I built that works great. I could stick one of these little squirty heads on it and use it like the machine above, but it would suck. Horribly.

    SLA done right needs a heated box, a support material, and a real precision nozzle. These are all do-able but not cheap or easy to do at home. We need a better idea, really, otherwise we’re going to be stuck with these home-semi-precision-chocolate-shapers that are out there now. The results are ugly.

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