0 thoughts on “If humans walked on the moon today, how would it be covered?

  1. Greg, it would still be covered in the same dust and rock-crud that it was last time. The lawn hasn’t been watered since.

  2. Surely it would be “a strike against terror and the enemies of this great country”.

    And “a cheap publicity stunt by a half-arab liberal president”.

  3. Awesome – and it sure shows up how pathetic contemporary “news” is. I suspect that something big would be covered like that – with a lot of useless fluff and guff and nothing of substance on the topic. Just look at the coverage received by some of the huge natural disasters in the past few weeks; Michael Jackson got a lot of coverage for dropping dead, but when tens of thousands are killed it gets about 5 seconds on the news and maybe some idiot who’s never even been to the affected region ranting about how horrible it is.

  4. To MadScientist

    Don’t you know by now that when 1.5 million people are killed in a war stared by the lies of your President, Vice President and Secretary of State,and another 3 million are displaced, and a whole country is demolished the “comfortably numb” Americans don’t want to hear the truth?
    They don’t want to see their “heroes” naked getting “butt shots” of vodka and eating chips from the ass of each other while they are supposed to be guarding the embassy. They don’t want to hear how their top officials approved of or looked the other way while prisoners were sodomized, waterboared, raped and held with no charges, no legal assistance and indefinitely.
    How else can they continue to feel the rest of the world “envies their life style”, and that they are the “peace makers” and bringers of “human rights” to the rest of us!
    NO, they don’t want truth, they want to know which celebrity is sleeping with who, what Michelle Obama wore to the benefit for holocaust victims descendants speech, and what diet plan Opera is on.
    You know the important things!!!!

  5. To Kapitano

    Since when is Kenya and “Arab” country? Americans are so smart!! But you do have it part right, it would be some cheap publicity stunt. Maybe Muslim “terrorist” would try to fly a hijacked commercial jet into the lunar lander. And with such a grandiose black flag operation America could then justify another round of freedom fighting.

  6. I’ve seen comments here that this shows how inferior present day reporting is, but was the reporting then that much greater? Any old fogies here witness the reporting as it occurred then?

  7. Any old fogies here witness the reporting as it occurred then?

    Yes, although it’s a bit disturbing to be reminded that anyone who actually remembers humans setting foot on another “world” is now an “old fogie.”

    And it was different. The archival coverage is still around, if not easy to come by. We watched it live and it was pretty much straight stuff from the moon. When there wasn’t anything going on (and do recall that NASA had pretty much everything the astronaughts did choreographed, so they knew in advance when “boring” was about to happen) they’d cut to Cronkite and someone who actually had a clue, such as Arthur Clarke. Two minutes of genuinely informative commentary, then back to the moon.

  8. Reading the hilarious Twitter feed made me ridiculously grateful the moon landing did not occur in this decade! Phew.

    Its really good, but I agree that I would wish an addition of Fox with Lunar sceptics and Glenn Beck crying because this is all definately an evil socialist plot (Russians started this – what more evidence do you need!!?)

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