0 thoughts on “Which is better at escaping, Dogs or Cats?

  1. The beagle wins this one by a mile seeing the amount of reasoning it had to get through to escape (the cat just found a hole that the whiskers fit through).

  2. They both were excellent. The god was impressive, because dogs aren’t natural climbers, yet this beagle climbed. The cat was impressive, because it went right to the heart of the problem, so to speak, although the way it went about doing it was less visually “interesting”.
    Anne G

  3. Interesting Freudian slip, Anne… :]

    What was impressive to me about the difference is this: Most cats would eventually sqeeze through the hole (if the cat fits). But the variation among dogs is enormous. The other dogs in that beagle kennel will never even try to escape.

    The reason I put this up to begin with is because my in-laws have two dogs, same breed, I think they are even distantly related, but one is an escape artist the other is not. The escape artist does not reveal her secrets. She just gets out, usually locking up behind herself. Eventually, we’ll have to set up the camera … But the other dog simply doesn’t even try, it would seem.

  4. I’ll have to agree, the dog was way more interesting. Although, if the dog could have just popped through the fence I’d imagine it would have done that prior to climbing.

    I got a cat that isn’t an escape artist, but an intrusion artist. Damn thing can somehow get into any room in the middle of the night. Just to sit on your face.

  5. I had a hamster that was an escape artist. I kept blaming my son, saying he must have left the cage door open. Until I found the little devil with its paws wrapped around the bars of the door, shaking it until it popped open (looked like a scene from B grade prison movie). I tied wire around the door – it chewed it off & got out again.
    Until that fateful night when I heard the cat scrabbling in the front hall. I found the head in one corner and the body in the other.
    No video of the hamster escape – and no hamster.

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