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  1. I thought the problem really was that people were eating more sugar, not whether it came from beets, cane or corn. Is the overall argument that cheap calories are worse then expensive calories?

  2. As a UK citizen, I don’t understand this war against Acorn. Don’t the Democrats have a majority in the house? Why are Republicans able to pass any laws at all?

  3. Daven: well, don’t confuse what happens here with the way parties work over in the Mother Land. First, party loyalty is not reliable. Second, the President is committed to the notion that major legislation should have support from all cornersâ?? an idea I support in principle, but who lets principles get in the way?

    And lastly, Americans are manic about protecting the rights of minorities, and yes, this includes minority parties. Short version: there are many procedural checks that keep the majority party from overwhelming the system, and although these rules can be circumvented, and sometimes are, it’s a painful process. Correctly so.

    It’s maddening to me, though. I am a certified lefty and support single payer, government owned health care. Never gonna happen.

    And I suppose in some ways it shouldn’t happen. I don’t like the idea of forcing anything on my fellow citizens.

    There’s a fine line in there someplaceâ?¦

  4. Davem,

    Short answer, when republicans are in power they managed to push though most of what they want. They do it by being tough and not breaking ranks.
    Democrats, on the other hand, and are a totally disfunctional group, most of whom are beholden to big business which finances them. They all ride high horses in different directions until the whole the system is paralyzed. As a result the public gets pissed off and usually boots them out at the next election.

  5. Democrats, on the other hand, and are a totally disfunctional group

    And this has been so for so long that Will Rogers (who died in 1935) famously quipped “I don’t belong to any organised political party. I’m a Democrat.”

  6. Can you comment on the claims by John Gibson that liberals are at the fore front of the War on Christmas debate as well as the use of God as a word that liberals oppose to being used in schools, thank you so much, keep up the good work

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