Who is your creator?

You’ve heard of Who is Your Creator. I first discussed them back on Oh Six. Then, they came up again in Oh Seven.

Then we heard from them more recently: New Creationist Videos Being Produced in Area High School. When I contacted them to ask about what high school was producing the creationist videos, I was told that I was not allowed to know that because I was part of the opposition.

Well, the latest news has just come down the pipes regarding Who is Your Creator Dot Com:

Within a couple of months, Who Is Your Creator will be rolling out our new campaign that will be offering free uploads of YouTube videos. These short videos will present the most current empirical evidence against evolution and will touch on all the tenets of evolution (origin of the Universe, origin of life, and common descent).

We will also be producing a second series of videos that will be assessing many hypotheses devised by evolutionists. They will be fun and offered on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

Good. Once these videos are available, we can use various techniques to find out if any of them were in fact made in a public school. Or, if any commercial concerns that we can boycott were involved. Here in the Twin cities we have a lot of expertise in this area. If I was “Who is your creator dot com” I’d not let these videos out of the box without a very careful cleaning.

Here is the web site for WIYC

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0 thoughts on “Who is your creator?

  1. I am a corporation.

    I was created by the Supreme Court of the United States, with the same rights as any other human being.

    The Supreme Court, as it can create a corporate person with the same inalienable rights as any old meat-type human being, must now be acknowledged to be as powerful as God.

    All people must now bow down before my Creator and agree I am the equal of any old-type meat person.

    View my immortal, unincarcerateable, unkillable, corporate form, as documented in my Delaware corporate charter, ye meat people, and despair.

    Wait, who’s this Ginsburg person?

    She said what?
    “JUSTICE GINSBURG: Mr. Olson, are you taking the position that there is no difference in the First Amendment rights of an individual? A corporation, after all, is not endowed by its creator with inalienable rights. So is there any distinction that Congress could draw between corporations and natural human beings for purposes of campaign finance?”


  2. Greg,

    First, thank you for the traffic!

    Second, you’re a being a little dramatic about me not disclosing the school name. This was my response from May 29th:

    “They should be available through YouTube within a month or so. You’re on the list and I will send another blast when they are up.
    I’ll look forward to your critique on http://scienceblogs.com/gregladen/. If we can get a constructive dialogue going within the ‘camps,’ we might consider opening up our forum again – I’ll email you if so.
    Thank you, Greg!”

    Congratulations on your bundle of randomly evolved cells!

  3. Oh, I thought maybe there was something wrong with my web browser.

    So, the name of the school didn’t show up on the comment when you read it either, cfeagans? Strange, that.

  4. The drama was Greg’s claim that “I was told that I was not allowed to know that because I was part of the opposition.”

    No, I just didn’t mention it.

    I was thinking it would be fun to have you guys go nuts for a little longer, but here’s the scoop:
    It was taped at a Christian High School!

    All your hysterics were for nothing… You guys should really lighten up a little!

  5. That’s all well and good, and ha ha, but it may concern you to know that the origin of the universe and the origin of life have fuck all to do with evolution.

    If that’s the quality of the scholarship involved in these little videos, I’m pretty sure no one here is going to be convinced, nor be inclined to get involved in a dialog with your camp.

  6. Just visited her site and could only find quote-mining and biblical verses. How often do we have to say “where’s the evidence”?

  7. @Adrian…

    Go to any Natural History museum and look at the fossil record.

    Better yet, read Dawkins’ new book.

    The evidence is there, you just don’t want to see it.

  8. Jim, sorry, a slight misunderstanding here. I was referring to the mess of a website called “who is your creator”. There are misquotes on the home page from leading biologists which try to suggest that evolution is disputed by said biologists. I was asking the creationist where is the evidence, not questioning evolution.

  9. Thanks Greg! WIYC.com is a ton of fun! I love to start my mornings with a few laughs.

    Supernatural chance or supernatural creator? Can I chose regular old natural chance?

  10. I have a little phrase I like to toss around every once in a while: “Spoken with your creator today? No? Why not give your mom a call?”

    I know, it’s really nothing to do with the discussion at hand.

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