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  1. Over at Pharyngula, major pro-atheist site could post so I’d throw this up here. Surprised don’t see lots of Ricky Gervais fandom around here.
    –I’m wondering why no one talks of the wonder of Ricky Gervais, staunch atheist Dawkins lover and worldwide phenom comedian spreading the Werd in his new movie, the Invention of Lying.

    I thought it would be just jokes about getting away with stuff while people believed every word, but RICKY WENT THERE and tied it into his character literally creates ‘religion’ by lying to his dying grandmother making up she wasn’t really ceasing to exist but would transport to a fantastical place.
    Oh, I’ve got to hear how wide it gets distributed in the US the home of the Puritan-religious freaks that Europe got rid of called ‘founding colonies’.

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