0 thoughts on “Sagan and Hawking’s new music video

  1. Man, this is one fast-moving meme. I’ve seen this thing everywhere over the past week. It’s a catchy song, though, and Carl Sagan is awesome, so I’m cool with that.

  2. Yup, I watch it every its posted (and many times to boot!). Sagan was the reason I got into Science, so hearing him speak always makes me a little emotional. Plus, itâ??s amazing just how rhythmic his speech is and how it requires little editing to match that of a song.

  3. Since you are using Linux, here is a tip (that you may already know):

    For (almost) any flash video that you are watching, look in the /tmp folder for a strangely named file. It is generally the last one (use ls -ltr). Once the video completes downloading, do not navigate away from the page (it will remove the tmp file). Instead copy that file in /tmp/ to somewhere else with another name and run it with mplayer. I use this method to keep flash videos for off-network play.

    Note, the copy is not necessary to play it – you can play it directly, just don’t rely on the Ubuntu tab completion as it expects certain extensions. The mplayer -identify will give you hints as to how to name the extension.

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