Cuban rapper busted, released.

The Cuban Rapper AL2 of the bad Los Aldeanos has been arrested by the Cuban Police, and released. Meanwhile, some of his personal effects including a computer were confiscated. Rappers are considered very dangerous by the Cuban government. You may recall a major bust up of a concert there a few weeks ago. I think this arrest was not entirely unexpected.

The following is a statement from very close to the source of the events that that was sent to me by Emetrece for your information.

Statement from La Aldea regarding the arrest of AL2 (Los Aldeanos)

At this time, La Aldea is confirming that AL2 was arrested this morning in his home, as many web news reports and emails have circulated. Aldo was momentarily taken into custody and had personal affects, such as his home computer, confiscated. He was released later this afternoon. Any misunderstandings arising from this arrest in regards to his property are being formally addressed.

On behalf of AL2 and La Aldea, we are thankful for the international support and appreciate your immediate concerns. We insist that all news feeds, media outlets, blogs, emails, interest sites, etc be RESPONSIBLE in the communication of such events, and DESIST from any sensationalism taking into consideration the fragility of the situation.

We do not condone any reports outside of this avenue. La Aldea is the primary source regarding any news concerning Los Aldeanos.

We will follow up with further information as appropriate.

Thank you,
Emetrece // La Aldea

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0 thoughts on “Cuban rapper busted, released.

  1. Cuba is a dictatorship that for 50 years has suppressed liberty and one of individualâ??s most valuable rights: freedom of speech.

    The socialist ideology they preach is nothing more than a facade for a totalitarian government similar to the one Stalin used to kill millions of Russian during two decades of famine, assassinations and forced labor.

    Hopefully, people would not forget history and they will understand that the Cuban illusion is nothing but a nightmare.

  2. In other news, UK rapper “Lady Sovereign” was arrested for criminal offences by the Queensland Police.,27574,26127667-1248,00.html

    AFAIK, unlike Cuba, Australia *doesn’t* consider rappers to be particularly dangerous, but they still manage to get themselves arrested.
    Perhaps music which celebrates a culture of maleducation and criminality is bound to lead to trouble…?

    Not many classical flautists getting themselves arrested, are there?

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