Brett Favre. Any questions? I thought not…

A very interesting day. I got word in the AM that Derick would be digging a trench across the Cabin property tomorrow, and as an archaeologist I could not possibly skip that, so I ripped a rotten board out of the porch as fast as I could, threw in some laundry, and watched the beginning of the football game.

I was a bit discouraged as the third quarter was progressing and it looked like the Vikings were not going to sweep the 39ers (yes, I’m taking away ten points). So I sawed the rotten board into four pieces. Two went into the garbage (sneaky) and one in each car. The car bits will serve as samples for whoever gets to Menards or Home Depot first to buy a replacement. I then headed off in the general direction of the cabin, stopping to get gas first.

That’s when I heard on the radio the play by some guy that will be written into the Sports History Book. He was a rookie, and he pulled off a 101 yard return. This is the first 101 yard return ever? in this stadium? something? since 1965, and the first time a Viking rookie scored points in his third game as a pro. So that was good.

Listening to the rest of the game, I must say that I was somewhat disappointed and worried until I realized that the Vikings were behind by four points and had only just over two minutes to play and were back on their own 20 yard line or so. From this I deduced that the game was in the bag for the Vikes, because that is how the new Vikings roll. 80 yards against an undefeated team in two minutes with no time outs remaining? Not a big problem.

So, when Brett Favre tossed (to some guy) the winning run with two seconds to spare, I thought “Hmm…. I wonder what they can do with the extra two seconds.” but the announcer on the radio said something like “I’ve been watching this sport for 30 years and it does not get better than that”

Note to Vikings fans who left the stadium before the end of the gam:


Because it was, truly, in the top ten ever of regular season games since the NFL was invented. And this is coming from someone who knows nothing about football.

A little while later, while cruising up Route 10, the wind picked up and I’m pretty sure passed the 100 mile per hour mark. I could tell this from the way the road signs were being dislodged and tossed into the fields. The amount of debris flying around reminded me of tornadoes, but this was just a big old prairie storm blasting pretty much the entire state. I had to laugh when the weather report came on to tell me that there was a small chance of rain, just as the visibility went to nearly zero in the deluge that came with the wind.

So I got to the cabin and realized something funny: Remember when I did the laundry earlier today? Well, I waited for the dryer to buzz indicating my clothes were dry before leaving the house. But I neglected to move the clothing into the car. Oh well. I don’t need to smell good for Derick. I don’t think.

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0 thoughts on “Brett Favre. Any questions? I thought not…

  1. so I ripped a rotten board out of the porch as fast as I could, threw in some laundry, and watched the beginning of the football game.

    Why do I get the picture that you threw the laundry down the new gap in the porch?

  2. Hardly new stuff. Favre did that 15 years ago vs the Lions on Thanksgiving. (Sterling Sharpe caught the TD.) Wait ’till Favre starts chucking interceptions. (The 49ers dropped a sure int TD earlier in the game.) Ask the Jets. And what’s Minnesota going to do when Favre retires again at the end of the year?

  3. Brett will remain with the Vikings until he is done satisfying himself kicking Green Bay Butt, and not a moment less, cheezehead Tim.

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