Beck, Hannity: Global Warming Called Off

What they are referring to is a paper by Mojib Latif in which he notes that the media often misrepresent global warming as a continuous, year by year increase in temperature. The truth, of course, is that annual temperature varies up and down but the baseline for this variation has been going continuously up.

Like a road going up a mountain. Often the road goes up and down and up and down cross the complex terrain of the mountain side. If, while driving up this hypothetical mountain, the road dips down for a moment, one does not say “Oh, we’re going home now. This whole driving up the mountain thing is over. We just dipped down. No more up. That’s the end of it.” and then turn around and drive home.

I mean, really, this is pretty freakin’ simple.

If you’d like to view Latif’s power point (as a PDF file) click here. Slide three is the one these morons are talking about.

Read more here at Media Matters.

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0 thoughts on “Beck, Hannity: Global Warming Called Off

  1. the “baseline” keeps going up? what sort of drivel is that?

    The UAH temp anomaly for June was zero, repeat zero degrees, there has been no warming for 30 years. August was 0.4degC. The “baseline” whatever that is, will do whatever you use to define it.

    Much of the few tenths of a degree increase in “average global” temperatures, all last century, is UHI. This is easily demonstrated by checking quality long term temperature records at rural sites.

    Antarctic ice is at its greatest extent since records began and Arctic ice is at or above long term average

    there is simply no science behind the suggestion that CO2 is anything but a minor climate forcer.

  2. Funny how Beck claims that Latif said “I was wrong”, when what he really said was “the media gets it wrong”. So Beck neatly proves that Latif is right.

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