Have a Windows 7 Launch Party! Yipeeeee!!!

This is not a parody. I think.

Hey, wait, is that the Apple guy on the left?

OK, let’s do an activity. Let’s list all the things that could GO WRONG at this party! OK?

I’ll start:


OH, and I love the fact that at the end the Apple Guy (the one on the left) gives us the South American guy-to-guy symbol for “I just slept with your wife, loser!”

Hat tip: Somebody from a different OS company.

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0 thoughts on “Have a Windows 7 Launch Party! Yipeeeee!!!

  1. I am one of the nerdiest guys I know personally, and this idea is hella lame. And it doesn’t look or sound at all like the Apple guy on the left.

  2. Well, I never understood why MS moved away for DOS in the first place. And really, has there really been any fundamental improvement since Windows 3.1?

  3. Well, I never understood why MS moved away for DOS in the first place. And really, has there really been any fundamental improvement since Windows 3.1?

    3.1/DOS All the way. In fact I have an old box just asking to have a downgrade. Time to play some abadonware

  4. Isn’t Windows 7 is being launched on October 22? And didn’t Ussher calculate that the Earth was created in 4004 BC, on the night preceding October 23 – i.e on October 22? Coincidence? Could the “7” refer to the seventh day, on which Jehovah rested? Has anyone contacted Dan Brown about this?

  5. Let’s start by playing a movie … “The Young Dr. Frankenstein” should do. Oh no, it refuses to play the DVD because I don’t have a monitor or TV with HDMI input. That’s OK, I’ll just put in a CD and play my music over my HiFi system. The sound is awful – but for some strange reason if I play the CD on Linux or via a CD player it sounds just fine. I guess bad sound is a small improvement on no sound; the machine used to tell me I needed something called an SPDIF to play my music. I tried to install a game I used to play on XP, but my game is telling me I don’t have an authorized version; I don’t understand that, I bought this game. This other game is telling me it won’t run because I’m running a debugger; I don’t even have a compiler installed on this machine.

    Oh, I could go on and on but people might want to shoot me. The short story is, if you do everything the Microsoft Way you won’t have any problems. Don’t get any stupid ideas about being able to do what you want with your computer though.

  6. You think that’s a parody? I hate to tell you this, but it seems they do these on a regular basis.

    Watch “I’m singing with my Apple laptop”


    It’s a lame web page where you have to click down below to get it to load and start playing.

    I love the fact that the girl is named Lisa, which is the name of Steve Jobs first daughter, and the name of an early Apple computer. I will agree with the “over-the-top” part, but I don’t think they know the meaning of the word irony.

    Watch for the MacBook in the conference room in “Got to get those bonuses”

    Fun times in Redmond.

    The Wanderer

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