0 thoughts on “Conservatives are eating Republicans (the context for the all porn is gay story).

  1. Maddow: … at Pat Robertson’s Liberty University.

    Ding-ding-ding! Sorry, Rachel, Liberty U is a Falwell Familyâ?¢ project. Thanks for playing…

    /unjustified snark from 1st Maddow error personally encountered.

    McDonnell wrote his thesis at Rebent U, which is a Pat Robertson Enterpriseâ??, so RM’s main point still stands.

  2. Have you ever seen Rachel own up to her mistakes??? She’s very good at it.

    (I think she made them at a higher rate during the first few weeks of the show, I haven’t seen any in a while, except this one, which I had not noticed).

  3. Oops – me & my Freudian typing. Robertson’s school is of course known as Regent University, but my version in # 1 isn’t utterly wrong, either.

  4. This is my beef with straight porn (not that I think straight porn will turn a man gay).

    What does almost every straight porn video consist of? A guy having sex with a woman, then, right when he’s ready to ejaculate, he pulls out and masturbates. Or, he’s getting oral sex from her and, when he’s ready to ejaculate, he masturbates. Or it could be multiple girls and, gee, there he is again, masturbating.

    It’s as if the women aren’t good enough to do it for him. And, frankly, if I wanted to watch some guy masturbating, I’d watch gay porn of a man pleasuring himself.

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