0 thoughts on “It’s a bug eat fish world 2.

  1. I’m fascinated by arthropod catches and eats vertebrate footage. This one was pretty good. I actually had low expectations owing to the bad camera angles on the failed attempts, but they fixed that for the kill. WIN!!!

    A few of my other favorites are the giant centipede catching a mouse, the giant centipede catching a bat, and an octopus (okay, technically a mollusk, so not as cool, but it was a cool kill) snatching a shark. (Since I included the octopus, I should also include the poisonous sea snail; it has the fastest acting toxin–which it needs when you consider that it can’t exactly chase down dying prey.) But my favorite is the preying mantis catching then eating a hummingbird. I saw it a while ago on some nature program and was enthralled. I haven’t been able to find it online though. The closest I’ve seen is a mantis hanging out at a hummingbird feeder in pounce mode, and a mantis eating a bird she already caught. I find this unsatisfactory. 🙁

  2. I just want to point out that this is “number 2” because it was published by accident … it should have been in cue after Number 1, which is scheduled to be posted some time in the future. Number 1 is another insect eating a vert.

  3. For me, the archetypical monster has always been a dragonfly larva. No matter the scale; as a vertebrate, it just isn’t right to get eaten by something with more than four legs and bizarre mouthparts. It’s just not right.

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