Do you believe in god (cnn poll)

This poll has many tens of thousands of responses so far. PZ turned it from 60-30 yes/no to 30-60, but his minions, though vast, are not vast enough.

So, all 11 of you: Get over there and vote! Like the charge of the light brigade!!!

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0 thoughts on “Do you believe in god (cnn poll)

  1. I’m still confused about the online poll things being used to support anything other than “of the people who voted for this a% think x, b% think y, and c% think z”–it doesn’t even give an accurate representation of all the people that visit the site, just the ones that notice the poll and decide to vote on it.

  2. Jared, part of the point of swarming the polls is to keep them from being used for anything they’re not suited to. We’re not going to point to them and think, “Wow. Atheism’s popular all of a sudden,” but neither can anyone else incorporate them into their pro-religion confirmation bias.

  3. well, looks like the skewing of the poll has resulted in some rapture nuts taking the sudden, unexplained atheistization of the U.S. as another Sign of The End Times? 😀

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