0 thoughts on “How to build your own Linux Distro

  1. Now we know that “messing” and “getting a distro” are not the same thing.

    This guy is so annoying he will be needing his glasses taped up in the middle soon.

  2. <Stupid-Curmudgeon-Nerd>

    Come on, putting together a Linux distribution using a web app?!?! That’s so many levels of lame he’s going to need some kind of relativistic drive to have any hope of escaping the neutron-star density level of lameness that is represented in that video. There were even mentions of LFS in the text messages, which is the only way for real programmers to build a distribution.


  3. I wonder what kind of comedians he likes. I can see how some people might find it annoying, but it seems like he’s milking his bad punchlines for meta-laughs, and it works for me.

    As for the setup itself… I don’t know. My pet idea for a Linux distro (which would actually be based on Darwin, but I won’t get into that) would involve rather a lot of custom software that I’d have to write myself, and I don’t think SuSEstudio really speaks to that. On the other hand, for someone who needs a quick and dirty setup for a computer lab or something like that, this is perfect — you can build your .iso and have it good to go without having to run a mess of install scripts or screw around with apt or rpm.

    Eh, I may give it a shot. But my current Linux box is actually one of my main machines, and my most recent shit-kicker is a Mac of dubious origin.

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