Purity and Outreach

When something goes wrong we fix it, sometimes making a new rule so it does not happen again. After a while we may get a bunch of related rules and they can be, and often are, organized into a system, perhaps a paradigm, maybe a dogma, or even an -ism. Once you’ve got one of those, it is easy to fall into the pattern of making your ism more ism than hism. In other words, the isms may start to compete with each other for purity, or internally, the practitioners of an ism strive for purity for their own Freudo-Junkian reasons. Purity becomes an objective.

Does this sound unfamiliar to you, like something you would not encounter in every day life? Well, that surprises me. You ae probably involved in a number of discourses in which this is happening right now.

Click here to find out how bad the situation really is. Also, learn about Shakerism, Accommodationism, and what may be the greatest threat we’ll ever see to Skepticism….

…. ITSELF ….

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