Ostracize Josh

A man from Rogers, Minnesota…a small town in the Sixth Congressional District represented by Michele Bachmann…went through the trouble of strapping on his Glock .40 caliber handgun and dropping his Kel Tec 380 in his pocket before visiting the site of President Obama’s talk last Saturday in Minneapolis. His name is Josh Hendrickson and both handguns were loaded.

He went to the speech to stand outside and show off his cammo and his guns. The press took note and had a chat with him. Hendrickson told them, “I’m a pretty laid-back guy that loves his kids and his country.”

Hendrickson was released from jail about a month ago after serving for an assault charge. …

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0 thoughts on “Ostracize Josh

  1. Bachmann is having her mobile office set up in the Elk River library tomorrow afternoon (Thursday the 17th). Maybe I’ll mosey on over after work and just stand in front of them with my guns showing.

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