Obama vs. Bachmann Head to Head (Obama wins)

If you were in the Twin Cities last Saturday and wanted to do something political, you had two choices. Tool over to St. Cloud and visit Michele Bachmann’s Town Hall meeting, which she rudely scheduled on the same day as a visit to Minneapolis by President Obama. Or, you could go to see President Obama.

Rep. Michele Bachmann was in St. Cloud on Saturday for a town hall meeting. Apparently quite a few people in her district just don’t care about her anymore. Her event at the St. Cloud Technical High School was attended by only 60 people!

In contrast, 18,000 people were at the Target Center to listen to President Obama’s speech and he had to compete with the Gopher’s first home game in their new stadium!

Read the rest at Dusty Trice’s increasingly interesting blog.

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0 thoughts on “Obama vs. Bachmann Head to Head (Obama wins)

  1. Isn’t it required for someone to HAVE a head to be able to do a head to head?

    Oh, what’s that you say?
    She has a head?
    It is just empty?

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