Michele Bachmann on Geraldo

Geraldo is asking Michele Bachmann to take her hyperbole down a notch. That’s funny. Huckabee blames Obama for Wilson’s Remarks. Anne Coulter claims that Michele Bachmann is her fave.

hat tip DMB

Oh, and confirmed: Wilson’s outburst WAS an act of racism.

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0 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann on Geraldo

  1. You want me to watch:

    Michelle Bachmann?
    Geraldo Rivera?
    Mike Huckabee?
    Anne Coulter?

    about Joe Wilson?

    I would rather gouge my eyes out with a spatula!

    Go away with that filthy scum of the earth. Please!

    (goes to take a shower from the close encounter)

  2. I watched the whole thing. It was as bad as one might expect, and it was ten minutes worth, not two.

    Huckabee claimed that Ted Kennedy was a perfect example of why government health care wouldn’t work… something about Kennedy wouldn’t have been able to seek out a good doctor blah blah blah.

    It really annoys me when the ignorant and/or liars try to argue that we wouldn’t have any choices under Osamacare. Um, because everyone has such great choices now? Give me a break. The reason Kennedy could seek out the best care in the world is because he’s a Kennedy. You think I’d have the same options if I had a brain tumor? No. I’m uninsured. I’d be screwed.

    And, as usual, all the people I know who fall for this garbage are poor people who are hurt most by the lies. My sister is “uninsurable” because she has a disease called RSDS. Her husband knows as well as anyone the problems this has caused her… yet you would be amazed at the idiocy he spews, which clearly learned from that fucker Glen Beck.

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