iThings you should know about me, and some questions

If you check my you-tube account and look at videos I’ve “liked” or “added” or whatever, ignore that. I’ve only ever added one (by Ana) and all the others are random click events.

If you ever want me to join a Facebook cause or group, send me an email asking me to do that. I routinely go through all the requests and click “no” or whatever really fast. Every now and then I realize I just clicked into oblivion something I might actually like to join or support but it is usually too late.

If you are not my facebook friend, then WTF????

I’ve been experimenting with Amazon Widgets here (in the sidebars) and here.

I’m looking for a sidebar widget for Quiche Moraine, which is a WordPress site, that does what Stephanie Zvan’s blogroll widget does on Almost Diamonds. Anybody know of one that works?

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0 thoughts on “iThings you should know about me, and some questions

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    We are looking for investors.

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