0 thoughts on “Dusty Pwns Michele Bachmann

  1. Compare this to the recent video (also from the MN state fair, I believe) where Al Franken took the time to talk seriously and with courtesy to a group of astroturfers who confronted him on health care.

    So, Wilson shouts “liar” from the anonymous safety of the congressional peanut gallery, Sanford philanders then refuses to accept responsibility for it, Palin quits when the water get a little warm, Mike Duvall brags about spanking his mistresses etc., etc. Is it just me, or do Republican elected officials just seem to lack any sense of dignified, responsible, accountable behavior? Not every democrat is an angel, by any means, but I just cannot believe what a motley bunch of losers the republicans have become.

  2. Republicans absolutely hate being confronted on their stance. The reason is that they cannot support anything they bloviate about.

    There are numerous clips on YouTube of Repugs running away from cameras. Someone ought to do a composition of all of them.

  3. That’s great. I want to meet her at the state fair. I would really sweeten her up, you know, talk all kindsa crazy to her, and THEN I would catch her off guard and teabag her with reality, just to see if I could turn her eyes into a human Blingee on the video camera.

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