If You Get Sick, It’s Your Own Fault

…all you need to do to not die from the flu is to “eat healthy” and take lots of vitamins. If you eat healthy and take lots of vitamins and get the flu, your lymph nodes will swell up a little but that’s all….

…Addicts totally made their own decision to become addicted and then become thieves because they needed a fix. If I have to exercise my constitutional rights and shoot this addict breaking into my home, then so be it. That is not my problem….

… and so on …

I couldn’t help it. I wrote a raving political rant over at Quiche Moraine.

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0 thoughts on “If You Get Sick, It’s Your Own Fault

  1. At the point that someone is breaking into my home, I’m much less concerned about how much responsibility to assign them for that behavior than degree of threat they present to my family. I realize that addiction warps thinking. Nonetheless, there is an important difference between simple burglary, and robbery or home invasion.

  2. Microcosm of the responsibility thing: Through no fault of our own, we’re in a complicated insurance situation (fortunately stable for the time being and with prospects for improvement.) Also through no fault of my own, I was in a freak accident while riding my bike Monday (which fortunately resulted in only a few scrapes, bruises, and muscle strains.)

    And, honest to Zarquon, as I was in the process of falling off the bike, the FIRST thing that went through my mind was “Goddammit, if I get hurt, the @#$&*& insurance company had better not @$&*& me up!”

    But, hey, it’s my fault I was trying to get some exercise, right?

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