0 thoughts on “I do not usually have carnal relations with goats. But…

  1. Admittedly, if one posts terribly often it may take longer to find the good posts in the filler, but that doesnâ??t mean it isnâ??t worth the hunt.

    Upside the head for that one, right Greg?

  2. [2]NEB: Actually, it is totally correct. I wouldn’t say that I have “filer” (because I’m not really trying to fill something) but I do have chaff. The difficult thing is figuring out what is chaff.

    Stacy: I guess so, now that you mention it…

  3. Doesn’t goatfuckery imply an oppressive testosterone-centric and heteronormative* worldview? After all, fucking the goat is a completely different proposition than being fucked by the goat — both for us and for the goat.

    * And some other post-modern stuff that I’m not quite awake enough to think of at the moment. I’ll come back after I’ve had more coffee.**

    ** Yes, I’m aware that coffee is an invasive species imported by oppressive colonial conquerors and maintained by a landless, alienated peasantry who are oppressed by patriarchal oligarchies, themselves propped up by the neo-colonial, corpratist policies of our own ruling elite and that consuming imported beverages increases my carbon footprint and defeats the enlightened locovore efforts of American family farmers who, along with their puppies, are the final bulwark against oppressive, neo-colonial, corpratist ruling elites. Caffeine and yumminess trump all that.

    Stacy: I fail to see the passive.

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