0 thoughts on “Which is more annoying, cats or dogs?

  1. Cats! Dogs are messy and loyal to a fault but they’re also made of win and they’ll eat just about anything you drop on the floor.

    Cats are apathetic and self-interested opportunists. If reincarnation is real we know what all the libertarians are coming back as. Plus, if cats were bigger, they’d so totally eat us. Anybody try to keep a cougar as a pet? Didn’t think so.

  2. Granted, the toy commercial qualifies as annoying, but that cat is doing exactly what he wants and succeeding. Win.

  3. NOT FAIR!!! The cats were real but the dogs were fake. There’s no way I would put up with sloppy kisses from a robotic dog, but I know that a real dog is only drenching me because it loves me to death. I call BS on this comparison!

  4. Yes Anne, you are absolutely right. I’m totally agree with you that cat commercial looks more funny and real one than dog.

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