Bachmann’s Town Hall

I did not go to the Michele Bachmann “town hall” meeting yesterday because of a schedule conflict (I was out of town) but there is some news. Check out the last few posts on Dump Michele Bachmann blog. There is evidence, apparently, that Bachmann supporters were bussed in to pack the room. I’ve heard from two other private sources, one from inside and one from outside, that there were mostly supporters inside and mostly anti-Bachmann people outside.

I expect there to be a couple of good blog posts out about this in the next day or so, and I’ll point to them if I find out about them. Add any to the comments below, please.

I also expect that most of the people inside the hall were Dittohead Lockstep Republicans and most of the people outside the hall were Discordant Democrats.

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0 thoughts on “Bachmann’s Town Hall

  1. I was there, and actually left the hall before it started. It was getting too crowded for me. Most of the Democrats I knew who were there were inside, but it was a small portion of the larger crowd.

    I went outside to try to engage some wingnuts and embarrass them, but they rushed by us. After it was over, I tried to talk to some of them again but was actually thwarted by “my own people” who rudely interrupted me with the same tired stuff that doesn’t impress anyone. It was frustrating, I will be putting in more detail at Quiche Moraine on Monday.

  2. The “Bus them in” strategy is being used to great effect in both the health care meme and the marriage equality meme.

    For example, I know NOM bussed them in year before last here in RI.

  3. I went to a town hall in Virginia last week, and I was worried that something like this would happen. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they gave priority to actual residents of the district. The people who had been bused in to skew the crowd were asked to wait outside.

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