0 thoughts on “Ted Kennedy has died

  1. I will miss the Lion in the Senate. We needed him to last until we got the health care bill through. Let’s hope that there are Senators that have his fortitude to do the right thing in carrying on.

  2. I think the way the state law reads now is that no one will replace him and there has to be an election within 5 months.

  3. Bob: That is what I meant, actually …. the cut out the governor when Romney was in and Kerry was running for president so the would not end up with a Republican representing Massachusetts. Which is unthinkable.

  4. It is hard to imagine a Senate without Kennedy.

    Is this a republic or a hereditary aristocracy? I like the Kennedy politics and all but FFS dude. Sometimes I weep for our stupid ass unacknowledged yearning for monarchy in this country…

  5. Dr. Monkey: Ted Kennedy was duly elected in a fair and open process by the people of Massachusetts. He was not, oh I don’t know, the Mayor of Chicago or something.

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