Skepchick Karen Totally Sokalizes Haunted America Tours Blog!!!

Karen Stollznow Soks the Haunted America Tours Blog. Karen came up with a totally lame (yet nonetheless titillating) explanation for sexual arousal, wet dreams, and AM erections, made up a totally fake academic cover, and sent a writeup of this explanation to the ghost blog which, in turn, took the bait hook line and sinker. (Am I still en metaphor? OK, good, I think so.)

You must visit her blog post and read the details and explore the link.

Brilliant! I will sleep easy tonight.

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0 thoughts on “Skepchick Karen Totally Sokalizes Haunted America Tours Blog!!!

  1. I don’t know if you can “Sokol-ize” a publication which is not an ostensibly respected academic journal. I peg “Haunted America” as being on par with moon landing hoax websites and Time Cube. *Of course* they believe the most outrageous nonsense, so it’s pretty much guaranteed they’ll love something about ghost erections written by a Guam-trained homeopath.

  2. ABM: I don’t think so. If respectability is a criterion, then how can anything be soked? Being easily soked is not a sign of respectability. Also, someone respect the haunted web site, probably. And they may not be a lot nuttier than the people who religiously read and respect Social Text. Not that I have an opinion on that or anything. (I’ve only read one article from taht journal! …)

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