Rachel goes over the top cute. About something really bad

You think I was over the top in my comments on Health Care Reform?

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3 Points, Rachel!!!!

Republicans … they’re the ones who are really over the top. In fact, listen to me for a second. If YOU have considered yourself to be a Republican over recent years, it is time for you to step away from the cookie jar. Republicans can no longer be my friends. If you want to remain my friend, step away from the cookie jar. Now.

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0 thoughts on “Rachel goes over the top cute. About something really bad

  1. I think if Obama said nice things about cookies, we could convince the Republicans to come out with an anti-cookie statement, and many teabag protesters to back it up.

  2. I’m with you Greg.
    Several of my friends are republicans, and I’m having some trouble dealing with it.
    It would be one thing if they have something of substance to say on this matter or would be willing to talk to me about it, but all they do is dribble out the previous days Fox News talking points. I just can’t understand that mind set.

  3. If the RepubliCANTs manage to get this ‘rule’ accepted, it will be time to go out and pummel all RepubliCANTs.

  4. The filibuster is a necessary tool to protect the rights of the minority from an overly groupthink majority from passing bad law. My issue is not with the Republicans. They are doing what they are elected to do. My issue is with the Democrats who choose to cave in.

    When the Republicans were in the Majority, but not the 60% majority needed to break a filibuster they threatened to use the nuclear option and destroy filibuster as a safeguard so that they could get a budget bill passed. It was an onerous bill, but 14 Senators brokered a compromise deal in order to save the filibuster. The filibuster should be used carefully and not just because one is in the minority. Filibuster almost killed the Civil Rights Act because the DixieCrats didn’t want to give up on Jim Crow laws, but Johnson was able to muscle the DixieCrats by going after the purse strings in their states.

    No, the Republicans are whiny bastards when they are in the minority, but that’s why they got elected. Their job is to block health care reform, but the Democrats (some who don’t want reform because they don’t want to lose campaign contributions) are siding with the minority. It’s like Kevin Garnett blocking his own teammate’s shots.

    We need to keep the filibuster. What we don’t need is for the Democrats to raise their own hoop while simultaneously lowering the hoop for Republican shots.

    Throwing games for gambling money has kept Pete Rose out of the baseball hall of fame. He barely avoided jail. Yet, our Senators throw the game for campaign contributios, and people consider it “just politics.”

  5. More people saw her playing basketball in that clip than in her entire professional career. Not even Maddow can make the WNBA worth watching, and I’d prefer if she didn’t try.

  6. I haven’t considered myself a Republican since 1980.

    I’d pass for a moderate Democrat now even though my positions haven’t changed much.

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