Hannity and Bachmann on Barny Frank

Frank talked down to the audience!!! The previously posted video showing frank slapping down the wackaloon is here.

Note the use of the term “ideology” here. You are also seeing it more and more often in comments on this blog.

Hat Tip DMB

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0 thoughts on “Hannity and Bachmann on Barny Frank

  1. I must be stupid. I knew that clip would annoy me and make me angry, but I watched it anyway. Now I’m annoyed. And angry. I know that doesn’t really add to the conversation, but if other stupid people can make their voices heard, why shouldn’t I?
    FOX is so good at twisting the truth it leaves my tongue tied and my brain fried.

  2. Natasha@3, I watch foxnews in order to gain a sort of hate-porn experience.

    It causes my blood pressure to rise and fills me with anger, which is an experience I enjoy.

    Now if only I could have a video of Sean Hannity simultaneously preaching his inanity while being sodomized by Andre the Giant.

    I’d masturbate to that.

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