Health care: Against God’s Plan

The religious right is ramping up its campaign against health care reform, even joining with the “tea party” movement to encourage conservative Christians to swamp town hall meetings. Minnesota’s religious right leaders say that the health care reform package is against God’s plan for health care and that Christians should go to community forums and “read them the riot act.”

Jan Markell of Maple Grove-based Olive Tree Ministries called on her radio listeners to attend congressional town hall meetings in August. “Here’s what you can do, your congressmen and senators are coming home for much of August,” she said on last week’s program. “They are going to have town hall meetings all over the place. You need to go there and give them an earful. The ideal tfhing to do is to go to their town hall and read them the riot act — in Christian love — but read them the riot act on this issue of health care.”

But she implied Rep. Michele Bachmann should be spared…

Uffda. Story here an Minn Indy

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0 thoughts on “Health care: Against God’s Plan

  1. Greg, you need to join me in listening to KKMS on Saturday am’s. You get David Wheaton, tennis pro and radio program host for Summit Ministries(David Noebels group). Jan Markell, who talks to people like Joseph Farrah of “World Net Daily” and Gary Cass, of the “Christian Anti-Defamation League”. Tom Brock, a Lutheran pastor who thinks that the Missouri and Wisconsin Synods are still too liberal in their policies. Brock has a segment called “Heresy Watch”, which should be labeled “Tom Brock hates women, gays and liberals”, as all of his examples are about womens groups trying to assert themselves, gays in the news and liberal churches that allow women to preach. The last fun one is the absolute loon Bradlee Dean, who is a “rocker” who found “Jesus” and talks about the wanting to take us back to the fifties regarding gays and women. It’s complete nuttery. It’s so crazy that my liberal Christian wife is shocked by some of what she hears. However for some people it may cause severe raises in blood pressure due to the lack of common sense and critical thinking. So beware.

  2. There are some quite vile comments on that site. I’d like to say that there’s a staggering amount of ignorance as well but it’s all too commonplace. ūüôĀ

  3. Isn’t this a violation of their 501(c)3 status?
    They are 501(c)3, as such, they are required to be non-partisan. Telling their audience simply to oppose legislation is not education, it is coercing an opinion and not legal, as far as I can tell. I’m not a lawyer, nor am I really that familiar with the tax code, but then again, who is?

  4. I’m sure that this view of Christian values will cause these same folks to call for dismantling the private health insurance companies also.

    After all, ANY kind of health insurance must be a test of Jesus and we all know the bible prohibits that.

  5. I’m not sure, Jared. I think that taking a position on an issue is not considered a violation of the provisions of the 501(c)3 code. They can’t endorse a candidate, but they can discuss issues.

  6. Mike, yes, they can discuss the issues and present non-partisan information on it, but I don’t think they can say “you should do this” in reference to a political topic.

  7. Of course God’s against it. People are made sick as a form of punishment, or at the very least as a consequence of a truth or dare game God’s playing with Satan. We should be thankful though, because God’s old universal health care plan involved 40 days of rain and bunking with a giraffe on a boat.

  8. How exactly can you read someone the riot act in Christian love or any kind of love? Is today opposite day? It feels like it’s been an opposite year.

  9. As a canadian I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fight against public health care.

    Anything that helps the poor helps the Russkis win. Since you’re from Soviet Canuckistan, it’s only natural you wouldn’t understand.

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