0 thoughts on “Fox News reports on Libertarian Teabag dangling astroturfers

  1. I love the “a step towards socialism” without explaining how, and also leaving out why a socialized medical system is a bad thing. Additionally, just because the government sets up a single-payer medical system does not mean it is socialistic, it could be a company regulated through close government oversight. It makes me want to both laugh and cry when I hear people using these arguments. I want to laugh because they are silly, but I want to cry because so many people think these are justified arguments.

  2. What the hell is going on here?

    That report had the ring of truth to it, and many other sources have already verified in the last two weeks the frauds being perpetrated, so what is this report doing on Fox?

  3. I have to echo Roger’s comment – I kept waiting for that special Fox take on reality, and it never came. Has the reporter been fired for incompetence yet?

  4. They posted it on Fox so that they could broadcast the names of the sites that give instructions on how to mis-behave at the town meetings. It looked innocent enough, but the goal was to broadcast the message of how more people could participate in this debacle.

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