0 thoughts on “My daughter is thinking about getting a kayak.

  1. Ha,that was great Greg.

    Having spent some time recently kayaking on the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers, I have to say kudos to Dave. Great vid thanks.

  2. And also make sure she knows how to flip back upright. Your local kayak center should have classes, usually in a swimming pool. Getting in and out also take quite some practice. Then of course there’s the choice of kayak type. Short and broad (rapids, highly maneuverable), long with rudder (touring), sit on top, sit inside with splash barrier, … And never, ever, go out alone until she is quite proficient and a great swimmer also.

  3. She’s done quite a bit of ocean kayacking so far, in the Galapagos and Southern California. Which is why I hate her, of course.

    Apparently they made it easier to get out of the things, by the way. And in, probably

  4. What I noticed was how sharp a turn that tug was making. Short wheel base (so to speak) plus a high center of gravity means trouble. What you saw in the video was an aquatic version of flipping an SUV.

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