Who else is going to have to get shot before this is taken seriously?

Watching the guy from New Hampshire, 9mm Glock-Man, being interviewed on Hardball made me want to throttle Chris Matthews. There are limits and they are being crossed every day. Stephanie Zvan has something you should read at Almost Diamonds: “To My Conservative Friends and Colleagues

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0 thoughts on “Who else is going to have to get shot before this is taken seriously?

  1. The GOP has made lying one of its top priorities in election campaigns and that bitch Palin has told some real doozers during the last presidential campaign (including the “Obama is not a US citizen”). Typical GOP blabber includes:

    Democrats will take away your guns
    Dems will let the Mixicans across the border
    Dems will tax you more
    and the parade of lies goes on endlessly.

    The GOP’s strategy since the Nixon campaigns has been to lie and coddle the looneys, thus bolstering the whacko beliefs of the lunatic fringe (hey, just look at the crazy shit the last president did). The GOP is poisoning the country. Lincoln’s party has become the biggest promulgator of lies, paranoia, and conspiracies. I hope the GOP splits; that way we can have the Democrats, GOP, and the lunatic party – and hopefully a sensible party gets the vote.

    Unfortunately such chicanery is not limited to the USA; the whole world is screwed with most political parties attempting to garner votes by lying and scaremongering rather than talking about real issues. That’s why I don’t worry about global warming – thanks to politics nothing substantial can be done in any reasonable time.

  2. CRM-114, please define “genuine dissenter” and explain why that death would be acceptable. Part of the tragedy is that the right is creating its own brand of suicide bombers. Also, like most martyrs to the cause with access to modern technology, that guy is going to take people with him.

  3. Why the hostility toward Matthews, Greg? I thought he was pretty clear on a desire for limits on guns at Presidential events. Was there something you wanted asked that wasn’t, or what?

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