Daily Archives: August 10, 2009

Free Admission to the Creation Museum

As you know, PZ Myers and a well behaved group of just over three hundred interested skeptics visited the Creation Museum in Kentucky last week. One result of this visit is an epic post by PZ which pretty much obviates any need to actually to go to the museum yourself.

If you are a student assigned to go to the museum and do a report on it, just use PZ’s blog post, it will be much easier. Here it is!

Nature Blogging

New Wildlife Blog
There is a new blog that looks pretty darn good called “All About Wildlife” and focusing on threatened habitat and endangered species. It is called “All About Wildlife” and it is located here. I’d say this is one for the RSS feed.

Musings on Nature Blogging … in Nature Blog Networking: The Halls of Academia N8 (that’s, like “nate” fyi) talks about the new Nature Blog Networks categories, and discusses what a nature blog really is and is not. In which my blog is nicely defended. Thanks, Nate.

You Must Vote for Analiese Miller

Updated: You can vote again today!


This photo by Ben Zvan of Analiese Miller, who is also known as The Anthropologist, is the entry in a voting contest that could get Ana a chance at a part in Mad Men (the cable TV thing).

It is necessary that you CLICK HERE and vote for Ana by giving her Five Stars (below the photo). Please do this right now, and again tomorrow. Don’t vote for any of the other contestants.

I’ve known Ana for nearly as long as I’ve lived in Minnesota, and I can vouch for her many talents. She is an accomplished stage and movie actress and model. She is also an excellent photographer, quite a good singer, and a diligent political activist, fine artist, and dog lover.

Ana took a large role in documenting the police actions at the Democratic National Convention one year ago, and more recently, donated hundreds of hours of her time working with a non-profit overseeing the Franken Senate Race recount. She is one of the Quiche Moraine team as well. I count Ana as one of my best friends evah. Tomorrow, I’ll be driving around town from coffee shop to coffee shop … well, checking my email and stuff. If you catch my drift.

Ana is currently in the top ten females in the contest, and if she remains there she’ll have a chance. Please vote now, every vote counts. If you don’t vote for Ana, don’t come back here because you are not my friend, OK????