0 thoughts on “Health Care Protests as Racism

  1. Not only can the GOP organize these people, but they can tell the local police to keep their hands off the fake protesters. There hasn’t been one single head cracked, or any of them handcuffed, or any of then manhandled by the police. The cops are there to protect the fake protesters and give them a free pass for disturbing the peace, for disorderly conduct, and even death threats. The cops are not treating these people the way they normally treat dissenters.

    Rachel Maddow already exposed the fake protesters, their funding, and their website, but she said nothing about the police working their own political agenda.

  2. Neither. We oppose the bill because it is bloated, contradicts itself, and contains elements that would dismay any sensible person who actually knew about it. I don’t support or oppose anything because of the people who support or oppose it, I support or oppose a thing based on that thing’s merits.

    To call me a bigot or opposed to health care shows only that the one making those accusations has never met me, knows nothing about me, and is relying on stereotypes and prejudice.

    Does health care need reform? Actually, no. What health care needs is financial reform. We need to redo how we pay for health care because our current system sucks rotting frankfurters. We have become too dependent on insurance and have let insurance, both private and governmental, dictate costs to a degree we would not tolerate if we had to pay for basic medical care directly.

    You all know the adage that the plural of data is not anecdote. True so far as it goes, but there are times when a datum can illustrate a generality. With that in mind, I once heard from a psychiatrist that he lost money on Medi-Cal patients. Even providing the bare minimum of service the paperwork Medi-Cal requires means he has to spend more than Medi-Cal reimburses. The end result is, if you live in California you are subsidizing psychiatric care for Medi-Cal through your taxes, and through the higher fees psychiatrists need to charge in order to see Medi-Cal patients. You are, in a sense, being double taxed so certain people (me among them) can get medical care.

    But mostly I wrote this because this post and its comments reminded me of something David Brin recently said over at his blog, Contrary Brin. Read it and ask yourself if it could apply to you. Be honest.

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