0 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann faces the press on the Census Conspiracy Theory

  1. Oh noes! I haz been exposed!!!!

    Step One of my secret evil master atheist plan: Hack into the census mainframe to find out how many bathrooms Michelle “The Fucking Moron” Bachman has.

    Step Two: um.. I’m not sure.

    Step Three: Profit!

    Step Four: Donate some profit to Acorn, who will use the money to … do…. something evil. Possibly atheistic and Satan worshipping… or something.

  2. making hatefilled ignorant comments in rude arrogant manner dosn’t make the people you attack look stpuid, it just makes you look stupid and desperate to try and silence anyone who dares states an opinion you don’t like. It’s an old failed tired tactic.

  3. Making rude childish and hatefilled comments towards someone who dares express an opinion you don’t like dosn’t make them look stupid, it just makes you look stupid and pathetic. It also makes you look patethetically desperate to hide opinion and idea’s you don’t like by making an ass of yourself.

    It’s a old tired and failed tactic that everybody can see through.

  4. Repeating yourself doesn’t make your comment have any connection to reality. It just makes you look like a fucking douche. It’s a tired and failed tactic that everybody with a brain laughs at.

    I’m pretty sure that putting up youtube videos of Michele Bachman in her own words isn’t hiding anything, it’s just exposing her for the fucking delusional moron that she is.

  5. I just re-watched the interview (which was a huge pain in the ass given that it’s streaming for crap right now), just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Care to enumerate those concerns that aren’t batshit insane? I’m still missing them, apparently.

    The only real concern Bachman might have is about the question about mental state. I can see why she might not want to answer that one.

    Since the records of the census aren’t made public for 72 years, I’m not really sure what danger the number of bathrooms she currently has is going to pose in 2082.

    People bitched about the government asking whether they had radios in 1930. I have yet to hear of a report of anyone breaking into someone’s house looking for a radio that was reported in 1930.

    As for the ACORN deal, she’s

    A) Lying out her ass. She’s been corrected many times on this. She continues to repeat the lie. Mostly because she’s a liar.

    B) A paranoid delusional nutjob.

    C) As misinformed as one human can possibly be and still be capable of feeding herself (purportedly, I have my doubts)

    D) All of the above

    Based on her recently posted highlight reel, I’m going with D.

    If anyone is “reprehensible”, it’s Bachman. If she really gave a flying shit about “sensitive data” being hacked, she’d be talking about the IRS, not the census.

    Her story about the “rude”, “demanding”, “insistent” census takers harassing people? I call bullshit. Bachman is a known liar. I want to see the evidence.

    Neighbors filling out the forms when you’re not reachable? I’ve got news for the DitzQueen. It’s the law, and has been standard procedure since 1790 or 1800, depending on where you’re standing.

    This is a dishonest cover, poorly woven, to repeat the lies about ACORN as a means to go after President Obama. The last third of the video makes that pretty clear.

    I’d expect nothing less from the Queen of Denial.

  6. Yes, I guess she really went off the deep end. It was her that blathered on with senseless comments and near obscenities based on delusional persception of reality. That was her, right?

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