0 thoughts on “Texas is now a blue state.

  1. Guardian of the Poll:

    It is neanderthal fucktards like you who should leave the US and go join your buddies in the caves of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    You should be banned from everywhere.

  2. One word: Perry. Who keeps appointing creationist idiots to our school board. Well, OK, a second word: Bush. Every sane person in Texas is embarrassed to death by our GOP politicians.

    That said, I suspect this poll is misleading.

  3. Yikes, are my eyes decieving me? Texas actually a swing state?

    You will probably be banned from the entire Earth, but hey, at least there is the moon to go to. ^_^

  4. Ok, it was one thing when Dallas went blue, at least on the local level. But seriously, when some TX Dems line up behind the evil of Tom Craddick as speaker of the house, identifying as a Democrat doesn’t really mean much in Texas. It’s whether they’re ultraconservative tards or just run-of-the-mill conservative tards. Doggett is a special case; the Republicans gerrymandered his district to hell and back and he still stayed elected.

    When the TX Dems field a competitive candidate for governor, contest open seats, and discipline their own for actively campaigning for Republicans, I’ll consider the state blue. Until then, I wish both Texas parties would choke on a riblet at the next BBQ and get the hell out of the way.

  5. Bob, you’re right, and it’s not just Texas. The Republican party has been shrinking, but it’s not necessarily because the general public is becoming more moderate or liberal. Instead, a lot of less-extreme Republicans are leaving the party because they are embarrassed to be associated with the public figures of the party. This has had the effect of making the Democratic party even more diverse in viewpoints, and more moderate or centrist on average.

  6. Alabama is getting more blue too.
    The only republicans left in the state are the batshit crazy ones. They’ve embarassed the rest right out of the party.

    Most of the republicans that are bailing on the party are going libertarian, not democrat…But until libertarians can manage 40+% of the vote, the result is exactly the same.
    Of course, if they’re running to the libertarian party to get away from the crazies, they’ve got a bad surprise coming. 😛

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