Potawatomi Activism in Wisconsin: Fighting Global Warming

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The Forest County Potawatomi Community have been very involved in environmental activism both within their own community and more broadly. They helped curtail environmentally destructive mining at Crandon Mine. They got their reservation registered as a Class I zone under the Clean Air Act and have pressured the Bush EPA to stand by Class I rules. The tribe funds research in metal and other pollutants. And, they now have a web site called “End global warming Wisconsin” which you can visit here.

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0 thoughts on “Potawatomi Activism in Wisconsin: Fighting Global Warming

  1. The only hope we have to stop global warming (and reduce mercury pollution, besides) is to discover ways to produce electricity that are enough cheaper than coal that (most of) those currently using coal spontaneously abandon it as uneconomical.

    It’s not used to drive ships, today, so the threshold seems close. Extraction technology is very mature, so there’s bound to be very little price elasticity. Once it falls, it will fall very quickly — particularly if existing coal power plants’ turbines can be made to spin without it.

  2. It is amazing what happens when a political organization gets some real cash to show their colors. Potowatami are showing real well here. A great argument for Indian Casinos. (Potowatami Casino is in downtown Milwaukee and generates 10’s of millions of dollars for the tribe).

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