0 thoughts on “Beer Summit: Gates Brilliant, Crowley Articulate

  1. Bud Light?! Bud Light?! And I thought he had class. Where’s the good stuff. If I got any beer of my choice I’d go with Chimay Grand reserve, maybe a lambic or if I want to be patriotic and keep it an American brew, then I’d go Anchor Steam or Steel Head double IPA, or arrogant bastard. No wait, I’d have a 1554 enlightened ale.

  2. Chimay Grand Reserve! Those monks in Belgium sure know what they’re doing. I haven’t had any in years, but get the taste for some once in a while. An excellent choice, by any measure.

  3. So many excellent American beers to choose from and the President picks Bud Lite! If he wanted a Belgian beer, he could have done much better. Perhaps he wanted to stay sober while getting his two pals shitfaced.

  4. so what Ive learned from this is that none of them have any taste in beers. Sam Light might have been the most tolerable of them…

  5. I love the Chimay red and blue beers as well. If they wanted a really good
    american beer, there are some good microbrews similar in style to a
    good trappist ale. My two favorites are Ommegang Abbey Ale
    (brewed in Cooperstown, New York) and Brother Thelonius from the
    North Coast Brewing Company in Fort Bragg, California.

  6. Have some sympathy for poor Mr. Obama. Had he tried to drink anything other than Bud Lite or some comparable horrible lager, he would have been subjected to at least a week of “elitist” taunts from blowhards who insist that “Real Americans” drink swill…

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