Visit Lovely Capri, somewhere in Italy …

Europeans laughing at each other:

A Swedish couple in search of the isle of Capri drove to Carpi, an industrial town in northern Italy, because they misspelt the name in their car’s GPS.

Italian officials say the couple asked at Carpi’s tourist office where they could find Capri’s famous Blue Grotto.

“Capri is an island. They did not even wonder why they didn’t cross any bridge or take any boat,” said a bemused tourism official in Carpi.


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0 thoughts on “Visit Lovely Capri, somewhere in Italy …

  1. I blame this on people’s dependence on GPS’s. my aunt, a perfectly capable navigator, won’t even drive to the nearest store without asking her tomtom how to get there *sigh*

    the alternative is to admit that even Swedes can have education-fails, and that would destroy my image of Sweden as secular paradise :-p

  2. The British don’t have such problems of course, which is why the island is inhabited by those respectable British matrons who learn, in the nick of time, that life is for living. In a bar on the Piccola Marina …

  3. What I’m trying to figure out is: What is the connection between this story and pants that are not long enough to be pants and not short enough to be shorts.

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