0 thoughts on “Who is smarter, Dogs or Cats?

  1. I must admit it. I love watching stupid people hurting themselves. It’s like witnessing natural selection at work.

  2. MTGAP
    You may be right, but the key distinction is how many of these events began with the phrase “Hey ya’ll, watch this!”.
    It’s not my rule, I just inforce it.

  3. Obviously the cat is smarter. The dumb dog did all sorts of tricks for the treats. The cat didn’t even deal with the dumb humans; it just got it’s own treat.

  4. It may represent a lack of talent, but the stupidity lies in the mistake of believing such talent/ability exists where it clearly does not. At least, it’s all clear after the fact. Some of those were scripted, but still amused me.

    I’m skeptical of the mathematics of the dog. The first result of “6” was amazing. The 2nd question resulting in “6” sounded fruitless. The third question resulting in “6” made me think it was a hoax. Recognizing that and trying to give an answer of “8” seemed like a reasonable attempt to make it a real trick. Repeating another answer of “8” just makes me think there are only two answers this dog knows. Let’s give it a derivative function including square roots and approaches to zero.

  5. Also, the cat did its smart thing in under 30 seconds. The dog took almost 3 minutes and still leaves me wondering if it was real intelligence.

  6. T:Maggie, where’s the chimney?


    T:Maggie, what’s the opposite of smooth?


    T:Maggie, what’s on the outside of trees?


    T:Maggie,what are the first seven digits of pi?

    M:I’m not answering till I get a damn biscuit!

  7. The dog reminded me of Clever Hans, the horse that did similar tricks in the early 1900’s. The cat seems to have figured out how to open that food jar all by its little ol’ self. Conclusion: cats are smarter(for certain things, anyway).
    Anne G

  8. Fuck both stupid creatures, everyone knows that dolphins are smarter – though possibly slightly less or slightly more than mice.

    Although I did have a feline roommate at one time, who potty-trained himself and about a third of the time could manage to flush the toilet – though he was insistent on trying to flush, even though it often enough ended up with him falling into the toilet, so make of it what you will…

    I’m skeptical of the mathematics of the dog.

    As Greg points out, this is an old trick that even very stupid animals are capable of. Taking even unconscious visual cues from stupid humans is really quite simple.

  9. Cats! Even just taking these videos you see the cat (granted, you do not see what happened before tape started rolling) figuring out how to get at its food. This is not a big deal for cats because they fucking watch you and where their stash of food is. They observe and remember that it is in the cupboard to the right and is in a bag they can rip open with their claws (and opening that cupboard is no difficult task).

    The dog is obviously doing conditioned tasks. Just like that fucking parrot that died a year or two ago. So this is really a comparison of intelligence to conditioning, which is completely unfair. It is incredibly annoying when a dog owner claims their dog is smarter than other dogs because it can do tricks. That is NOT intelligence, that is conditioning. Yes, it takes some intelligence to be trainable, but really not all that much.

  10. So Debra claims to have been watching very closly and couldn’t see any cues being to given to Hans Maggie. Obviously not watching closly enough: the cue for Maggie to stop is clearly visable and quite obvious.

  11. Well guys obviously a dog is the more intelligent animal… both dogs and cats are smart.

    Cat traits

    1.Cats are independent
    2.Easily trained to do simple stuff: Such as use the litter box
    3.Cats are layedback and most hardly run away

    Dog traits

    1.Dogs are social and eventually understand there owners
    2.Dogs are easily trained (depending on the dog) some may be challenging
    3. Dogs are affectionate and loyal
    4. If given the chance dogs might run away. Unless its like my dog which shegoes around the block and comes back…
    5.Dogs save lives

    Obviously a dog is smarter, its also proven the dog has the larger brain, though a dog isnt independent like the cat, its only because a dog is obidient and wants permission. A cat will do things because it can, a dog can be trained more tricks then a cat will ever be able too. Cats are more flexible and athletic, able to jump higher and reach thing that a dog cant does not make them smarter… TYVM XD

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