0 thoughts on “iPod bursting into flames alert

  1. Homeland Security missed it because they were concentrating on watching people with more than one iPhone.

    I’m thinking of buying a portable personal music player and it definitely won’t be an iPod. There are far cheaper products that are really good (and also really good products which are more expensive). I’m glad an iPod was never a consideration; I’m not keen on unplanned iExplosions and iFires.

  2. Just be sure that your mp3 player doesn’t have lithium batteries, MadScientist, since they seem to be the issue here. Oops, I guess they all have ’em…

  3. @idlemind: Mine will have a “lithium-polymer” type. There are many battery manufacturers and some still have an excellent reputation. I know of a few I can buy batteries from and need not worry about exploding batteries, but I’ll take my chances that my player will have batteries from reputable folks.

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