0 thoughts on “Bin Laden Son Killed?

  1. Is this being presented as a Good Thing? I honestly can’t tell.

    I know we (“we”, yes) torched Muammar Gaddafi’s step-daughter some years back, and people didn’t seem especially proud of that. Maybe even less so, now, since it turns out he didn’t really sponsor blowing up that airliner after all.

  2. The reports I’ve been seeing claim “may have been killed”. Some even give numbers pulled out of their butts no doubt: “85.8% chance he’s been killed” etc.

    @Nathan Myers: Yes, I’m not sure what’s supposed to be so wonderful about such news; it’s not like this is the guy who planned and advocated the attacks on 9/11. It sounds more like tribal revenge than justice to me. Osama has other relatives who roam freely because they have nothing to do with his crimes; claiming some sort of victory for killing off family members who are somewhat involved with his terrorist organization is nothing more than propaganda. On the other hand if he was a genuine terrorist then I’d prefer terrorists die without having a chance to harm other people, but this still doesn’t change the fact that the big guy is still out there and terrorism is alive and well.

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